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Ok.... So I know I can't really have a dog while living in the tiny box of an apartment that my husband and I rent. But after usung the Dog breed selector ( http://animal.discovery.com/breedselector/dogselector.do ) as well as doing my own search there are a few dogs that stand out to me as ones that I would like.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - OH! So adorable! Don't you just want to rub his ears! Sometimes called the "Ultimate Lap Dog". I am not a lap dog person per se. But this one is fabulously good looking!

Shiba Inu - I like this dog because it looks so fuzzy! I also like the short coat it has. I don't like dogs with long hair that need grooming all the time. It is an independant and intelligent dog and is also one of the oldest and most primitive dog breeds.

Harrier - A humorous description of a Harrier is that of "a beagle on steroids." It is playful and outgoing, but not as much as a beagle. I also like it because it is a hunting dog. Not that I enjoy hunting, but I can can just picture myself on horseback with a few Harriers running around with me. I LOVE THAT!!

Carolina Dog - Sometimes called the "American Dingo" because it is native to the US. Ancient Native American paintings depict these dogs.

Basenji - I LOVE this dog! It doesn't bark, it yodels! It is also a very clean dog and is very fastidious in grooming itself. (I LOVE THAT!!) They are very quick learners, but also have a cat like personality in that they are fairly independant, but they form strong bonds with their owners. It is also an ancient dog breed.
Canaan Dog - I think I like the characteristics of ancient dogs because this is another ancient dog. As you might gather from the name, it was around in biblical times and many were owned by Israelites. Like the other ancient dogs, it is independant and highly intelligent.
My husband doesn't like these selections very much. : ( But maybe when the time comes that we have a house and time for a dog we can find a compromise. I LOVE animals (DANG ALLERGIES!!!). If I could have a managerie I definitely would.

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