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Last night LOST was on. I used to be really interested in watching it. But I really feel like they aren't giving me anything to be interested in anymore. I know I'll keep watching it, but the anticipation is gone. I won't feel the need to be home to watch it like I used to. Which is actually a good thing, I suppose.

Here are the shows I watch regularly.

Amazing Race
The Office
My Name is Earl
Good Eats
Iron Chef America

I really like the Amazing Race. I think I like it for different reasons than most. Sure, the interaction between the teams can be fairly interesting. But the part that I like best is the traveling and seeing things in countries I most likely will never visit. In fact, I don't think I have ever been anywhere that they have on the show. (I have only been watching the show for about 2 years)

The Office is a GREAT show! The writing is suburb! I love the interaction between Michael & Dwight, Michael & Jim, Dwight & Jim, Jim & Pam, Pam & Angela, Dwight & Angela (when will their relationship come out!?!?!), Michael & the office.... Oh! It is so fabulous! It is so fabulous it has been developed for other countries!

Since I grew up in the sticks, I actually KNEW people who would grow up to be much like Earl and Joy. Plus, I love that Earl and Joy used to be husband and wife but now they are "friends" so to speak, as well as Darnell, her new husband. I think that is how it might work with most rednecks in trailer parks. That is how all the inbreeding happens. No one really cares who is with whom.

Good Eats is a great kookie show. Alton Brown is a scientific chef. He gets into the science of food. My favorite shows are when he has this "cow" that he can take apart, slice of meat by slice of meat. He even did 2 whole shows JUST about water! AMAZING!

Iron Chef America is also hosted by Alton Brown, although he just commentates. It is fun to see all the creative ideas that chefs come up with for random ingredients. If someone placed a Wild Boar or a Squid in front of me, I wouldn't have the foggiest idea of what to do next!

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