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1st post

So, I had all these ideas of what my first post should be. I have been contemplating it for 24 hours now and I have decided that my 1st will be about my job. I decided to do a blog because I have a lot of time on my hands at work with nothing much to do. So, I might as well type out my strange thoughts as the time goes by.

My parents have no real idea of what I do. They know I work for a Data Storage Company and I sit at a desk, and that is about it. In reality... That is kinda true!

Here is my typical day:

  • Get into work @ 8:30
  • Sit at the front desk and turn on my computer
  • Wait for my computer to actually function correctly so that I can type in the gazillion passwords to actually start anything significant. i.e. The Calendar and my Outlook Mail
  • Depending on if I am the 1st to arrive or not - Turn on the TV's
  • Check all the rooms and see if they are as clean as I left them the evening before
  • Look at the various agendas for the day to note when I will need to prep rooms
  • Check my hotmail account
  • Go to the gift closet and take out about 15 gifts (expensive pens, leather notebooks, etc.)
  • Go to the literature cabinet (it isn't as interesting as it sounds) and take out packets for the days briefings.
  • Check my yahoo account
  • Check www.woot.com
  • Check www.slickdeals.net
  • Gather agendas, literature packets, and gifts and take them into the rooms that have briefings that day
  • place tent cards (place cards with names of customers, thier title and company) in appropriate location.
  • Place gift to the right side of the placemat and the literature packet with a copy of the agenda on top
  • Puch the button to bring down the projection screen
  • Wake up the computer, type in the password
  • Wait
  • Find the powerpoint agenda and bring it up for projection
  • Go back to the front desk - Time 9:0o am
  • Say "Hello!" to people as they come in - Direct them either to the restrooms or their Conference Room (sometimes both)
  • Check Outlook mail
  • Look at www.tmz.com (Yes, I know I am retarded)
  • Look at news.google.com
  • Look at www.msn.com
  • Look at www.cuteoverload.com
  • Look at www.craiglist.com - Sections (in order of importance) Free, Pets, Apartments for Rent, Furniture, Jobs - Sometimes I mix it up with Jewelry, Tickets or sometimes even other cities/countries craigslists
  • Chat
  • Check Outlook mail again
  • Check hotmail again
  • Look at travel options from the emails from travelzoo, tripadvisor, shermanstravel
  • Time - 10:45 am
  • Chat
  • Prep rooms for Breifings starting in the afternoon (if applicable)
  • Time - 11:00 am
  • Check Outlook mail again
  • Chat
  • Look at cuteoverload again. See if there are any new postings
  • Look at tmz again. See if there are any new postings
  • Talk with the women I work with about what the news is on the tv
  • Look at www.amazon.com
  • Think of things that I have wanted to look up, but didn't have a computer handy when I wanted to look it up
  • Chat
  • Direct people to the restrooms.
  • Check the empty Conference Rooms to make sure no one has made a mess.
  • Check Outlook mail again
  • Go to Lunch - 12:30 pm approx.
  • Check hotmail, yahoo, and gmail
  • Chat
  • Go through all previously mentioned websites again to make sure nothing has changed
  • Chat
  • Look at the TV to see the latest Hostage situation/Kidnapping/Murder Trial
  • Time - 3:00 pm
  • Contact Breifing Managers with Briefings the next day and get them to FINALLY send me their final agendas
  • Put the final agendas on a powerpoint presentation
  • Chat
  • Make table tents for the next days briefings
  • Make a Welcome Monitor for the Front Lobby TV with our Customers logos for the next day
  • Chat
  • Look at ALL my email accounts again
  • Check Outlook mail again
  • Make last minute changes to the "Final Agendas"
  • Print out the agendas
  • Make Presenter Evaluations
  • Time 4:50 pm
  • Look at the TV to see if anything has changed
  • Pick up the rooms if people have left for the day
  • Time - 5:00 pm
  • Get ready to go home
  • Turn off the TVs and the Monitor in the Front Lobby
  • Leave

As you can see, I get paid for doing nearly nothing. Sure, there are days that it is really hectic. But that is rare. Maybe 3 days in a month. So otherwise I am rather bored much of the day. I like chatting because it breaks up the monotony.

The thing is, this job is perfect. I get paid well;I don't really have stress; I can do homework if no customers or executives can tell I am doing homework; I live 5 minutes away; my boss could care less what I do as long as she doesn't hear from someone that I am screwing up. But even with pay being good and the job being SO easy, I kind of would like a challenge at times. I kind of feel like I am not doing anything for myself by being here. It is perfect for me as a college student. But as a person only taking 2 classes at a time, can I call myself that? Shouldn't I have a REAL job or something? Not that I want to leave. This place is too perfect a place right now. It is easy and I am free to take the hard classes I need to to FINALLY finish school! HA!

So until I really have to get a new job... I'll be here... Chatting, looking at stupid websites, and occasionally working!

sorry, don't know you but i was browsing through and this is effing hilarious... i can so relate.

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