Thursday, December 14, 2006

It's OVER!!!! YAY!!!

Last night was my last test for the semester. I always panic at the end of the semester because I know I haven't put forth my full effort into REALLY knowing my stuff. I end up almost having an anxiety attack and good cry into my pillow the night before my last final.Having a full time job and a new(ish) husband doesn't make it any easier to stay on course.

So, last night, after getting out of class, I hurried to my car. I was SO happy to just get out of the stuffy stressful room. When I got into my car there was an annoying "shock jock" on so I frantically changed the station before I had to listen to him any longer. I happened to hit a station that was playing Delilah. I really like her. Although it can be a bit too sappy sometimes, at least it wasn't some guy spouting about the depreciation of women. A caller asked her to play "We Three Kings". I hadn't heard that song in ages.

I hadn't really felt the Christmas spirit as of yet this year due to my stress of finals (despite the season being shoved down my throat by retailers and TV networks). So, I sang along with the song. (Who knew I knew the words to that carol!?!?!) Then I sang along with the next (O, Holy Night). I LOVED that the first few Christmas songs that I REALLY listened to were GOOD Christmas CAROLS and not just some stupid songs about Santa and the gifts that people were gonna give me.

I now feel ready for the Holiday Season!

Monday, December 11, 2006


Yes... I am STILL going to school to get my degree in history. Why History? Yes, I know I will never make any money with a history degree. But after trying out a business degree I realised that I would never be happy taking any of those classes. Statistics and Macro Economics!?!?! NO THANK YOU!! And you know how they say that you will never be successful in anything unless it is your passion? Well, history is one of my passions.

I don't pretend to know everything about history. I understand that I know very little about history. But that isn't the point. The point is that I thoroughly enjoy LEARNING about it.

While I was growing up I had many opportunities to travel with my family to fabulous places that many people dream of going. London!! Paris!!! Venice!!! It is sad that I didn't understand the importance of the things I was seeing at the time. It wasn't until years later when I started studying history that I realised what I was missing when I chose to go look at the Royal Horses and search for Princess Diana's wedding dress instead of going to the British Museum with my mom. I would LOVE to go to the British Museum now! But back then, I was foolish and knew nothing...

Right now I am taking a Medeival History class as well as a African History Class. These are two subjects I knew nothing about, apparently. I have found that I really enjoy learning about the Carolingians. Who are the Carolingions? Well, they are the ones who took over from the Merovingians, of course!!! Ok, so... The Merovingians and the Carolingions are Franks. Does that help? Charlemagne was a Frank. (BTW, I am related to Charlemagne.... But then again... Who isn't?)


So... Anyone want to take me to Europe and let me drag them around looking at medeival castles and let me be excited when I find Louis the Pious' dressing gown?

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