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I love Cowboys

I read a LOT of blogs everyday. Well... I peruse blogs everyday. I usually skim them until something looks interesting.

A while back I found "The Sartorialist". It is a fashion blog.

It usually contains pictures like this:


There was THIS fabulous picture

You have to understand. I LOVE this look. It looks like just what my grandfather would have worn on a day out at the Louvre.

My dad wears this outfit on a regular basis, sans the chapeau. He saves the hat for special occasions like the county "Round-Up".

I'm glad that someone "selected as one of Time Magazine's Top 100 Design Influencers" agrees with my families sense of style.

YUP! Looks familiar! I think Dad has a shirt just like that.

Too bad dad got too cultured and only wears a Panama hat and a polo shirt on vacation now.

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