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Kicking My Butt

Yes... I am a BAD bad blogger. But I warned you! I warned you! School was going to make my minimal posting even MORE minimal.

Well, school is kicking my butt. I think I might be getting a bit of senioritis. I hate EVERY little thing that I have to do for school.

This is basically what I looked like last Thursday night after getting back a 1st draft attempt at a paper. Thank goodness I have Mr. Shiny Happy Sunbeam for a husband and he helped me get myself back together.

Dang! That teacher ripped my paper to SHREDS! I have NEVER had so many redlines on a paper EVER! EVER!!! It IS her job to rip it apart since it IS a FREAKING WRITING CLASS. But still.... I felt like a total idiot after reading that. THEN, this week in class we were supposed to do peer copy editing. Wow! Was I gun shy after her going over my paper. I questioned myself at every step.

I need a vacation.....

I have a hard enough time with my English graduate friends reading my blog. I know it pains them regularly.

You'll get back in the pace and used to it. Just invest in some Ben & Jerry's until then. You can do it.

If I wasn't doing Weight Watchers there would be a few Cherry Garcia's in my freezer.

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