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Things I am tired of in blogs:

Staircase Drawers

This was really an interesting concept the first 50 gazillion times I've seen it in a blog. It just KEEPS COMING BACK!!! UGH!

2) Amy Butler

I do not understand why people think she is the end all be all. Her stuff is just like everyone elses. And in my opinion... not very cute anyway. She not the next best thing since slice bread.

3) Runaway clock

Yes... Yes... we all know of your problem getting up in the morning. I don't want to see this clock EVER AGAIN.

4) Ratatouille

Yes, I know a movie came out that featured this dish. But please... Does EVERYONE now have to make it?

5)"I heart"

Please.. Please.... Just say you love something, or that you adore it.

Here is a thesaurus

"I heart"

Here are some things to make you not hate me so much right now.


Puppy Whistle - video powered by Metacafe

Cute Overload


I would break my neck on the staircase drawers...I just know it! ;)

I'm guilty of the I heart thing. I heart to say it I suppose.

Ditto on the "I heart" Thing, but it's just who I am.

Thank god the other offenses are off my list. I am notorious for being a person with drawers left open. The scenario for those stairs + me? Not good. Not good at all...

He he! I really LOVE the idea of those stairs... Unfortunately it has been done TOO MUCH.

As for the "I Heart" thing... Well, it is one thing to have it as part of who you are and another to just say it because everyone else does and you think it is "So cute" to say it.

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