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NO POO!?!?!?!

No! Not THAT kind of poo! SHAMpoo!

I am going to take the plunge. I got the inspiration from Annika at dove mi porta il cuore.

My hair has a tendency toward the greasy side. It is also very fine. Not thin... Just fine. I wash my hair EVERYDAY because I feel that, otherwise, it is a disgusting grease ball that can only be pulled back into a ponytail. I have also noticed that my hair would like to be wavy. Because of the products and procedures I do it, it ends up being strait and a little frizzy.

I am truly hoping that this new "no poo" method will give me the hair that I feel is under there somewhere. It just makes SO much sense to me! I ALWAYS wondered how back in the day, women would wash their hair once a week or so. I thought they must have looked disgustingly greasy by hair-washing day.

I undoubtedly have a few yucky days ahead, but I think I may be able to push on past that and get the hair that I really want.

Here are some links for information:

Hair from Annika
NaturalWhy You SHould Go No 'Poo
All About the No Poo Method
The No Poo Method

Yay! Curly girls unite! :) I was astonished the first time I tried co-washing, because I was SO expecting my hair to be greasy that day but it really wasn't. I never experienced that yucky transition phase some are talking about, but it's different for everyone. Please let me know how it turns out, and good luck!

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