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My week off.

So, last week when I had had the WHOLE week off.... I didn't get much done. I thought I would be so bored that I would find projects to do.

Monday I was a little bored because we were expecting a new receiver for our media center. We had the tracking number and checked it in the morning. It said it was being delivered at 6:47am. Well, I waited and waited. I feared even taking the garbage down to the garbage cans because I thought I might miss them. I didn't even risk going to get the mail. I got the internet out of my system that day and didn't touch it much after that. BTW, the package FINALLY arrived sometime after 6:30 pm. Nice.....

Tuesday: I did a lot of errends and grocery shopping and such. I didn't really leave the house until noon and, therefore, errends took up most of my day.

Wednesday: 4th of July. Went to my in-law's house at about 9:30. Ate a HUGE breakfast, snacked, napped, snacked, watched movies, ate dinner, watched movies and got home about 1am. (Have you seen Bread & Tulips? If you like Italian films... this is a good one.)

Thursday: Took my sister-in-law to get our nails done at a new salon we found. Went shopping for a new outfit, but didn't find anything for the wedding I was going to attend. Then, after my husband got out of school we hunkered down and watched Scrubs for the rest of the night.

Friday: Drove the 2+ hours to get to my parents house. Watched Ratatouille (good show!) with Ryan and my mom. (Mom fell asleep) Unexpected guests had arrived at my parents house while we were out. Spent the evening making dinner and entertaining.

Saturday: Wedding Day of my high school Best Friend! It didn't start until 2:30, so I basically spent the morning doing nothing. I ironed Ryan and my clothes and wrapped the gift. The wedding was beautiful. I had never been to a wedding other than my own, so it was quite fun. She looked FABULOUS! Yeah... I cried. - Drove back the 2+ hours to get home. We stopped at Sonic. The food isn't anything to write home about, but the DRINKS! OH! the drinks.... I recommened the Strawberry Limeade. Yum!

I hate the whole waiting game for delivery/service people. It never fails, they'll always show up when I'm in the bathroom or something too, even when I've been waiting all day.

I like Sonic's Ocean Water, but I never get it because it's so sugary!

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