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100 Things...

1. I do not like country music

2. I am afraid of Mosquito Eaters

I cry when I see them.

3. I am NOT a chocoholic. I only like chocolate if it is with something i.e. strawberries, caramel or nuts etc. NEVER dark chocolate.

4. I spend too much time on the internet.

5. I wanted to be an archaeologist

6. Or an Architect when I was growing up

7. I didn't have allergies until I was 20.

8. I am addicted to the Food Network

9. I love campfires, but I hate smelling like one.

10. I can touch my nose with my tongue

11. I make friends with men easier than I do with women.

12. I have climbed half dome in Yosemite.

13. I have been to Canada, Mexico, England, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, and Italy.

14. I have very strange and interesting dreams. (At least to me!)

15. I LOVE the Beatles. Not their psychedelic stuff. Just the really good lovie-dovie and fun stuff.

16. My favorite color is blue... of the Slate or Indigo variety.

17. I want to be more crafty than I am. I know that I have potential. I'm just lazy.

18. 80% of the year I am cold.

19. I really like rain. I just don't like being in it.

20. I LOVE thunderstorms even though they scare me at times.

21. I love naps in the sunshine.

22. What's my poison? LIMONATA!

23. I would like to be a vegetarian, but I LOVE meat.

24. I really do not like ham.

25. I am a lipgloss queen. I have about 25 sticks hidden in different places.

26. My favorite flavor of Lipgloss is Dr. Pepper by Bonnie Bell.

27. I'll always regret not studying abroad in college.

28. I am one of the people that find clowns creepy.

29. I really miss living in the boondocks.

30. I can't give blood because I faint. Yup! I'm a fainter!

31. I do not really like science fiction.

32. I am a realist, much to the dismay of my whimsical side.

33. I do not ever want breakfast in bed.

34. I used to be a night owl. Now I like to be in bed by 10:30 at the latest.

35. I have never owned/worn a elegant or fancy dress. (Other than for my wedding)

36. I have a very strong sense of smell.

37. I have worn glasses/contacts since I was 7 years old.

38. I watch too much HGTV.

39. I have never seen more than 10 minutes of American Idol or Dancing with the Stars.

40. I have met a few "celebrities". I'm not one to be in awe of any of them. The only one that I was nervous to talk to was Julie Andrews.

41. I like to be melancholy.

42. I am a cowgirl at heart.

43. I enjoy good quality tape.

44. I don't mind my feet.

45. I don't think the desert is beautiful. Give me green hills any day.

46. Georgia O'Keeffe is one of my favorite artists.

47. I don't think I ever want a new house. I want to own an old house and make it new again.

48. I don't like the smell of pine trees. I have to have a fake Christmas tree.

49. I go to Target much too much.

50. I used to really enjoy cooking. But now my husband cooks, so I have fallen out of the habit. I also have a rather tiny kitchen, so that doesn't help either.

51. I actually like my job.

52. I am not a highly emotional person. I think that irritates people at times.

53. I want to have kids, but I don't like babies that much. I think it has to do with the pooping and crying.

54. My favorite "Deep Thoughts" by Jack Handy is "The Crows were calling him, thought Caw." hehehehe! SO FUNNY!!!!

55. I played the flute and the Baritone when I was younger.

56. I took piano lessons 3 times in my life. It didn't stick. I can still only play at a VERY beginners level.

57. I have always wanted to learn to play the guitar and the cello.

58. I don't like being the center of attention.

59. I enjoy "alone time".

60. I have a dry sense of humor which my husband calls "German Humor".

61. I think my eyes are the prettiest part of me - physically.

62. I never had delivery pizza until I was 18 years old.

63. I had dogs, cats, birds, pigs, horses, cows and chickens while I was growing up.

64. I would be more "green" if it was less expensive. Although I think being good to the environment is great, I really have energy saving bulbs so my bill is lower.

65. I love hanging out with my husband. He is my favorite person in the whole world.

66. I have subscriptions to way to many magazines, but I keep thinking of ones that I would really like to get.

67. I love being barefoot.

68. I LOVE reading blogs. You should see my list in Google Reader. I get a little thrill every morning when I see "100+" in the new items for me to read.

69. I sunburn MUCH too easily these days.

70. I am not good at keeping up with old friends.

71. I like watching the wind sway the trees.

72. My Netflix queue is rather large... I think it is in the 200's by now.

73. I love to garden. But since I live in an apartment, I only have a pot of basil. Anyone for some BBC America "Ground Force"?

74. I have a love-hate relationship with the TV show LOST.

75. I have never been on a relaxing beach vacation. I always end up on a historical/site seeing type of vacation.

76. I just tried sushi for the first time... It isn't my favorite.

77. My favorite cookie is the Lemon Bar.

78. I sneeze a lot. My husband thinks I sound like a kitten when I sneeze.

79. I pretend I can crochet, but really I can only do a granny square. I can't read the directions to crochet correctly.

80. I don't mind doing dishes, I just don't like putting them away.

81. My husband has turned me into a Mac person.

82. I am an Anglophile.

83. I HATE clutter, but my house is full of it. There is my laziness again!

84. I love Jane Austen. I regularly visit Pemberley. Check it out!

85. I am a little addicted to Farm Hustle.

86. I look for pets on Craigslist everyday even though I have NO intention of getting another pet.

87. I have 5 email accounts.

88. My favorite historical character is Eleanor of Aquitaine. Really... Check her out! No.... Really

89. I like ABBA.

90. I LOVE LOVE LOVE homemade soup. I will eat some canned soup, but I can always taste a tin flavor. And I really dislike the chunks of chicken in canned soup.

91. I hate wallpaper.

92.I think white walls are beautiful in magazines, but I could never love a house that had stark white walls. I need color.

93. I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers. I am the 5th of the 6 children.

94. I like large families. I would have a large family if it was monitarily feesible.

95. I really like the Columbine flower.

96. I am not a breakfast person.

97. I like to have things to do. I feel guilty when I am not doing something productive.

98. I HATE my arms. Even when I was a size 6, I hated my arms.

99. It is really hard to come up with 100 things about me.

100. I started this list on 3/27/07.

OMG it is too late to be reading blogs. I thought #32 said, "I'm a racist".

I need to go to bed.

(FABULOUS list, though!!!!)

I'm right there with you on so many of those, especially the dislike of ham! :-)

I love Eleanor of Aquitaine. I got to play her in a huge play in 8th grade.

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