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OH! My Gosh!!!

OK. So last night, Ryan and I rode our bikes over to the tennis courts. This was the first time that we went and someone else was there. We were forced to play on a court next to some guys who actually KNOW how to play.

There were four men playing a doubles game when we arrived. The only court available was right next to them... Oh... It was terrible for me. Ryan and I are just trying to volley the ball and try to get it to cross the net or not go over the fence at this point. These guys were VERY into their game and I was TERRIFIED that one of our balls would end up rolling into their game. I kept hearing them talk about "Ugly Tennis", and I felt like they were talking about us, even though Ryan SWEARS they were talking about a tennis tourniment they saw earlier.

I wanted to just leave, but Ryan reminded me that we were free to be there, whatever our skill level was, and we need not worry about what others were doing or thinking. I knew he was right, so we kept playing.

You know what? It is really fun to hang out with my husband. It is even MORE fun if it isn't just the both of us sitting on the couch watching Heroes while playing on the internet on our laptops! Who knew! I really DO like the exercise thing!

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