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Best Friends

I made my first best friend at the bus stop on my way to my first day of school. We were best friends until about 3rd grade when we were put into different classes. I had other best friends throughout the years, up through high school.

My best friend in high school was made in an odd way. We liked the same boy. We became best friends trying to find out about eachother. Funny....

We were "bosom friends" & "kindred spirits" just like Anne and Diana from Anne of Green Gables. This was a friendship like I had never had before. I never was embarrassed about anything with her. I didn't try to be "cool" around her. I was utterly and TOTALLY myself. It was FABULOUS.

Two years later, when that dumb boy became my boyfriend, our friendship dissintegrated.

Eventually I called her. I don't remember exactly what made me call her, but I think I just wanted my best friend back. I asked her to go out with me taking nature pictures. It was a bit awkward at first, but we had a great time. I moved away to go to college but we stayed friends. I called her every once in a while and we emailed on occasion. Then one day I was complaining about school and she suggested that I come back home and go to school at her University. It sounded GREAT. I applied, and I came back to California.

We never have quite gotten back to being "kindred spirits".

She is getting married this summer. I am so happy to go that I am even willing to go EVEN if my husband isn't able to go with me.

Now my husband is my best friend. But I often wonder if I am a little odd that I don't want a "Girls Night" with a gaggle of women. I have never been a girl's girl. I would rather hang out with men/guys than a bunch of women. I think I am more of a one on one type of friend. I want to share special/fun things with a person rather than a group.

Ahhhh.....I really would like a female kindred spirit again.

I do enjoy the occasional gathering of the hens, but I'm not married yet. Come to blogher...it sounds like the free spirited atmosphere you're looking for! ;)

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