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I have always wanted to live in a foreign country. Not for the rest of my life. But for long enough to know the language and to have a few haunts that I can reminisce about in my old age. My problem is that I am too afraid to make that big leap. Especially now that I am burdened with "belongings"... I wouldn't want to get rid of everything and just have to buy new once I got there. I wouldn't want to put everything in storage for the day when I return to the US.

England seems like an easy one. There isn't much of a language barrier to deal with over there.

In movies, people always go live in France. Although I think France is beautiful, and I did take 4 years of French, I don't think they like Americans too much.

But Italy... Italy sounds like the perfect place to have my life's European Interlude. It is the most romantic place I have ever been and the people don't seem to mind Americans! My husband speaks fluent Italian, so at least we BOTH wouldn't be lost there.

I love the thought of having all that history around me. Living in a building that is 300 years old. Knowing the shops and people in my neighborhood. That just doesn't happen here. I don't even know anyone in my apartment complex other than the manager. I understand I have something to do with that. But it just isn't in the culture here to get out and know your neighbors.

In Italy, it seems as if your neighborhood is part of your life. You know the fruit seller, the baker, the florist, etc. You walk outside more, enjoy your outside space more.

I think about this more lately because I have started reading a few expat blogs.

Here are my favorites.

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petite anglaise

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la coquette

For what it's worth I brought 6,200 pounds of my stuff with me. And yes, it is very neighborly if you pursue that.

Judith in Umbria

I didn't bring quite so much as Judith, but it does seem that pretty much anywhere here, you can find a neighborhood to be a part of--for me, it's not a choice as I'm in a town with just 300 people. Yes, I'm originally from The Sticks, PA, and now I'm in The Sticks, Italia--suppose I'm another Sticks gal ;)

I have a strong desire to live abroad too! I used to date a British guy and from the four times I went to the UK to visit him, I fell in love with it. I love London. One day I'll move there. Just gotta somehow find a job and get some money. Easy right? :)

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