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Sure. I am overweight. But I would much rather look like me than this poor girl.

At the Madrid Fashion show last year they tried to crack down on these sick women and tried to enforce a minimum BMI for all the models. Hmmmm... I guess it is a step in the right direction.


What they HECK are THESE!?!?!?!

Who can wear these and not have flab hanging over the top UNLESS they have some sort of disorder? Even when I was a sporty young teen I could never have worn these "skinny jeans".

If your bikini bottoms are saggy and baggy.... You probably have an eating disorder.

I was pleased at how good America Ferrara looked at the Golden Globes.... I wonder if her stylist will soon have her looking like this...

Read this womans blog. She will give you a better perspective. I LOVE how endearing she is about her mother.

I wouldn't want to be ms. skin and bones UNLESS I had the task to be her, eat anything I wanted in order to gain weight. Now that could be fun. But probably as skinny as she is, it would be sickening! ;)

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