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Guitar HERO!!!

FINE!!! I'm addicted!

Until December 26th I had a very minimal knowledge of the game Guitar Hero II. I didn't quite understand how one could play guitar as a Playstation Game. But my husband, as a Playstation fanatic as well as a guitar player HAD to have it. So, the day after Christmas, we were at Target and I let him get it. I made the condition that the box would not be opened until he cleaned our extra bedroom/office ( "NO BOXES!!!" ) . Yeah.... Well, the room is WORSE than before and both my husband and I are almost complete with the medium level.

Now.... My husband owns about 5 guitars (maybe more) and can actually PLAY them. I, however, have never played the guitar. I don't know a thing about them. So, for me this Guitar Hero is quite fulfilling. I get to feel like I can play the guitar with out one lesson!! Yay!! I get to play songs I have actually heard before and not start out with scales or learning notes or any other thing that one would have to do while starting a new instrument. I can JAM right out of the box!! It is thrilling!

All I have to do is be able to move my fingers according to the colors of dots coming down the row. (Yeah... I know.... I can't describe it well. ) And then there is the WAMMY bar. I LOVE the wammy bar. It is this little metal bar that sticks out of the guitar. When you have a long extended note you vibrate the bar and you not only get more points, but it makes your performance "ROCK!" My husband is always telling me that I should lay off the wammy and I will do better in the game. I never do. :)

However.... Since I have played Guitar Hero everyday since we got it I am starting to get a little bored. There are about 25 different songs to play and all of them are heavy metal songs that I don't really enjoy but MUST play to progress. UGH!!! There is one Sting song, but OF COURSE it had to be the most boring and repetitive "Message in a Bottle" Ugh Ugh! In fact, last night we were at Best Buy and some kids were playing it. I happened to be an aisle over, but I could hear the music and I just wanted to get away!


3 Days until the original Guitar Hero and my own guitar arrive in the mail.....

I've heard Guitar Hero is VERY addictive! I love rock, so I've purposely avoided it. Though I don't know how long it will last. Thanks for visiting me today! I've enjoyed my visit here too! ;)

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