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I just found myself talking about cats with an older British woman here at work. I LOVE talking with British people, but I always feel a bit creepy when I talk about cats. Not because I think cats themselves are creepy(I have two); But because I just think of a crazy old spinster woman who has about 15 cats in her one bedroom cottage with an afghan on her lap, doilies on all the furniture, and who treat her cats as if they were her children. I am not that person, nor will I ever be.


In fact, the only reason I have cats is that my apartment complex charges $100 a month extra to have a dog. Cats are no charge. I do like cats, but I like dogs MUCH more. (Even though I am allergic to any animal with fur... YES... I have 2 cats and I am allergic to them) Plus, cats can live in an apartment MUCH better than dogs can, and I don't want one of those "pocket pooches".

My cats names are Lilly and Stella. I LOVE Stella (except for the fact she doesn't like to be picked up) and I really don't like Lilly. Sometimes I feel horrible because I like one more than the other. I feel like a parent who adores one of her children and is cold to the other. Lilly follows me around and meows VERY loudly constantly. She always feels like she needs to be on top of me and in my face. Stella, on the other hand, follows me around from room to room, but she will just lay close to me so I can reach down to pet her at times. She will sometimes give me a tiny hoarse meow when it has been too long since I paid attention to her. I think her meow is so adorable. Lilly's meow is annoying and LOUD. Everything about Lilly is ostentatious and I sometimes get the urge to kick her across the room (but I don't).

Sometimes, when my eyes are bloodshot and my lungs are wheezing I REALLY just want to get rid of them. But then I think that no one will take my sweet little Stella because she isn't a kitten anymore (they are only 1 year old, but people only want kittens). I also think about getting rid of them when I have to clean the litterbox. But then, when they are sweet and cuddly, or rambunctous and adorable I LOVE having them. Sometimes I feel like it isn't being fair to myself to be allergic to my home. My house should be where I feel the most comfortable. I shouldn't have to worry about touching my eyes because there is cat on them.

I do love my little kittens. Even Lilly.... Sometimes... :) Because I love them, I go through the red puffy eyeballs and the drippy nose and weezing. They really are beautiful little hairballs!


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