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It's OVER!!!! YAY!!!

Last night was my last test for the semester. I always panic at the end of the semester because I know I haven't put forth my full effort into REALLY knowing my stuff. I end up almost having an anxiety attack and good cry into my pillow the night before my last final.Having a full time job and a new(ish) husband doesn't make it any easier to stay on course.

So, last night, after getting out of class, I hurried to my car. I was SO happy to just get out of the stuffy stressful room. When I got into my car there was an annoying "shock jock" on so I frantically changed the station before I had to listen to him any longer. I happened to hit a station that was playing Delilah. I really like her. Although it can be a bit too sappy sometimes, at least it wasn't some guy spouting about the depreciation of women. A caller asked her to play "We Three Kings". I hadn't heard that song in ages.

I hadn't really felt the Christmas spirit as of yet this year due to my stress of finals (despite the season being shoved down my throat by retailers and TV networks). So, I sang along with the song. (Who knew I knew the words to that carol!?!?!) Then I sang along with the next (O, Holy Night). I LOVED that the first few Christmas songs that I REALLY listened to were GOOD Christmas CAROLS and not just some stupid songs about Santa and the gifts that people were gonna give me.

I now feel ready for the Holiday Season!

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