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Geez! It's been so long!!

I think that February has been an entirely dull month for me. I couldn't even get anything together of even a half interesting post for this blog. How sad am I?

I HAVE been gathering a collection of blogs that I read each day at work. I think I have about 30 that I peek in on on a daily basis (work days anyway). I think it is wonderful that bloggers have a list of their "Blogs of Interest" along the side of their blogs. If I like a persons blog, I have a good chance of liking the type of blogs they like too, afterall!

Maybe I'll share a few of my favorites.

Dooce is a great blog to start with. She must be a bit of a celebrity blogger, because everyone seems to have a link to her blog. Hers was the very first blog I ever read. I'm sure if anyone is actually reading THIS blog, they are already very familiar with her.

Kerflop is similar to Dooce. Fun life story blog with a lot of craftiness thrown in.

Julianna's Blog called "Waiting for My Husband" is a treat! She is a clever woman whose husband is stuck in limbo because she is here in the US and he is still in Jordan (he is Jordanian). She is a bioarchaeologist (JEALOUS!!) and has an amazingly green thumb in regards to Orchids. (Jealous again!)

the life i chose is a lovely blog written by a woman who is a British expat living in Italy. She is a young mother who loves where she lives, but still longs for home. I would LOVE to have the guts to move to a foreign country. Especially Italy!

Three Beautiful Things is a lovely little blog. Clare is a thoughtful woman who writes three things EVERYDAY that have given her pleasure. I check her blog each morning to give me positive images to think about.

Overheard in New York is a funny blog. But be warned.... The stuff on here is NOT edited. So, more often than not, there is a bit of "strong language". Oh! The things you hear in New York!

The Ideal Bite is a "green" site about eco-living. I am not a tree-hugger, but I do think that eco-living is commendable and I enjoy the thought of doing things that are natural and recyclable.

~*.This is CURRENTLY my absolute FAVORITE blog.*~

Designers Block is a FABULOUS blog written by a British designer. I enjoy seeing things from a professional's eye. For a long while I thought that I wanted to be an interior designer. So this is a little treat for me everyday.

You live by Moffet? We used to live in a flight path of SFO and so I always wondered if it was an airplane or not.....

I love these new blogs that you mentioned. I can't wait to check them out.

There is another one (I will try and find the link) called Across the Pond. It is about a family from NJ that moved to London...

Have a good weekend!!

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