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Yesterday, as I was driving home for lunch (I work 5 minutes away from my house, so I go home and enjoy leftovers and some Food Network during my lunch hour) I saw a new development of apartments being built. Living in the silicon valley, this isn't a rare occurance. People don't build houses here anymore. It is just condos and apartments that are built. Seeing these new complexes sent me into a little depression. You might wonder why I would be sad about a new complex being built. But it was right then that I realized why I really don't like living here.

I grew up in rural California. My family was never poor. My parents could have paid for everything I ever wanted. But we were frugal people (which is probably why we weren't poor) so I had what I needed and then a bit more. Most people I went to school with probably were not in as good a situation as I was. However, everyone seemed to have relatively the same quality of "things". Sure... Some had Guess jeans, while others had Cherokee brand. But overall, people just did with what they had.

When I saw those new apartments going up I kind of got huffy because I KNEW that we could not afford them. I feel like I am on the verge of poverty living here. What makes this silly is that if I had this SAME apartment where I grew up, I would feel like we were doing pretty well and that it was a fairly posh place.

I know I am generalizing when I say this, but it seems that the general population of silicon valley (and probably most large cities) are trying to "Keep up with the Jones'". Until I lived here, I never really had that mentality. I never cared if I had a Coach or Louis Vuittan handbag. In fact, I had never even heard of the brands. My glasses didn't need to be Prada, and I didn't feel the NEED to drive a Volvo. But now, I feel like I am desitute because I only live in an apartment and I drive a KIA. How pitiful is THAT!

Yeah... An apartment is no house. But it was freshly renovated before we moved in and it is 2 whole bedrooms! That could be a luxury for some and maybe even unusual for a newly-wed (ish) couple with no kids. Yay! I also have a car that is under warranty and was made within the last 5 years. Yay!

I am tired of trying to "keep up with the Jones'". I need to get back into my modest frame of mind.

My friend's husband works for Google and I am blown away with her quality of life right now (A two bedroom w/no airconditioned apartment for 3,000 a month).

Homes in a non suck school district are HORRIFICLY expensive.

So, they are looking at staying in a cramped area or commuting for 2 hours.

When is the payoff not worth it anymore? I love the way you think and this post. It rocks.

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