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The Bike

Giant - Yukon

This weekend, after my husband got home from his scouting excursion, we went out to get him a new bike. Supposedly it is because he "needs" it for scouts. (wink, wink)

After feeling so terrible all week long it felt good to have a reason to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. We took the new bike out for a spin, over to the park to play tennis. Now... In high school I was on the tennis team, but I haven't really played since. However, I have to say that since I haven't played in about 12 years, it all came back pretty well. All except for the serving part.

We played for about an hour. I shouldn't really say "played" because we didn't keep score and it was a struggle to get a good volley going. My husband has never played tennis and LOVES baseball. He didn't quite get that you don't need the same force with a tennis racket and that it is more about angle than about force. He ended up having to go find the ball, over the fence and in the court behind us.

It began to rain, so we put away the rackets and started to ride the bikes back home. The rain never REALLY got going, so once we got back to the house we decided to just keep going. It was lovely to feel the moist, clean air in my lungs as we rode around the curvy streets in our neighborhood.

I think I am going to like the biking thing!

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