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Ok... So it is already Wednesday and I still haven't said anything about my weekend. I keep thinking I am going to take pictures of what I did this weekend so I keep putting off posting. So, instead of posting about my weekend I am going to share some of my favorite blogs. Actually, I am going to share some NEW blogs that I have found, that I LOVE.

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman is a fabulous blog. I grew up in the country with Pigs, Horses, and Cows, so I miss that life as I now live in the Bay Area. I still think of myself as a cowgirl, and this site makes me feel back home and all warm and fuzzy.

Loralee's Looney Tunes is a hilarious blog. She is one of those people who turns everyday things into something terribly interesting.

As you probably don't know... I pretend I am a crafty person. So here are some of my favorite Crafty Blogs.


Creative Little Daisy

Make Art Everyday

Not Martha

Next time I'll suggest some of my design blogs!

Awe, shucks! Awfully kind of you!!!

I love Ree. She's funny without needing to be critical of anyone. It's almost cute.

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