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Seven things meme....

1. Lust. Well, this one is easy! My husband!

2. Gluttony. My husband is a very good chef. He likes to experiment somewhat, so we often have very yummy, but not so good for you, food in the house. This can be noted in the poundage that I have put on since knowing him. But of ALL the things he makes, I love his Pasta Carbonara THE BEST. I could eat that morning noon and night. LOVE IT!!

3. Greed. I'm not greedy in such a way that I don't want other people to have things. I'm greedy in that I want to be ABLE to have nice things if I want them. I don't want extravagant things like an 11 bedroom, 13 bath mansion. I would like to have a nice size house that is just the right size for my family. Oh! And it has to have some acreage so I could have a horse.

4. Sloth. No matter how many good intentions I have, sloth takes over all to easily for me. This last weekend I kept saying I was going to organize all of the clothes in our bedroom... I didn't take a step in there except to sleep.

5. Wrath. I wouldn't say I have a bad temper most of the time. But when my blood sugar is low..... WATCH OUT!!!

6. Envy. I am not a traditionally envious person. But I do envy people who have the means to not have a job. I would love to not have the daily grind, but be able to do things I am passionate about but don't find time to do.

7. Pride. I think my reputation is what I am prideful about the most. I don't worry if people think I am the best or most beautiful. I worry about if they think I am dependable, honest, and virtuous.

I'm right there with you on the fury that emerges when the blood sugar drops!

Sloth bitchslaps me hard all the time. Sigh.

Pasta Carbonara...mmmmm.

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