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What would you be?

Matt Lauer recently interviewed Prince William & Harry of the United Kingdom. One of the most telling questions that he asked the young men was something like, "If your last name wasn't Windsor and you were just a Smith or a Jones, what would you choose to do with your lives."

They struggled the most with this question over all the others they had been asked during the interview. Because, from birth, they understood their place and duty, I suppose they never thought seriously about it.

But ME!?!?! I have come up with a few ideas of the things that I would do if money was not an issue.

1. Archivist - I don't know the exact title, but I would love to work in the National archives, the British Museum, or any other large entity that obtains, keeps and secures history.

2. Farmer - Not on the large scale though. I would just like to have a farm that is somewhat self-sustainable. I want to grow food for my family, have animals, etc. I would also try to use as much solar and wind power as possible. I really like the idea of not relying on large companies for my resources. I am not a tree0hugger or anything. I just like being self-reliant and also the cost savings! (Wait... Wasn't I supposed to not be worried about money? Yeah... I'd still want to do it.)

3. Furniture Designer - When I was growing up I toyed with the idea of being an architect or interior designer. Those seem a bit daunting to me now, but I would LOVE to DESIGN furniture. I think my style is a bit of classical, with a touch of Arts & Crafts/Mission Style. I am not too fond of modern furniture, and I LOVE comfortable things around me.

4. Travel Guidebook Author - I TRULY believe that Rick Steves has the BEST job in the world. I would love to just travel and give my opinions on locations, restaurants, activities at each destination. Plus, I would have the opportunity to go to more obsure places. It wouldn't just be Paris, Rome, and London. (Not that those are bad!) I would also stick around a while... Experience the place... Get to know people...

So, tell me.... What are the things that you would do if money and obligations were not an issue?

Funny, I also just posted 4 alterna-jobs that I would have wanted. I love the archivist idea!

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