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I witnessed history in the making......

Yup! I was there last night. It was a fabulous moment.

It was amazing! We sat in the "nosebleeds" directly behind homeplate. I think it was the perfect spot to see all the action.

Every time Barry was up to bat you could feel the excitement as every stood in anticipation. The camera flashes! Oh! So many cameras!

When Barry hit THE ball, I watched it go further into the field and finally come down in the bleachers. The SOUND was overwhelming! Everybody was standing and screaming. Banners came flowing down from the beside the scoreboard. Fireworks started going off from a boat in McCovey Cove. Black and orange streamers shot out from the stands.
I clapped so hard and so long that my palms were red and basically numb. The excitement didn't stop for 15+ minutes!

The one bad part about the whole scene was some idiot jumped onto the field and security wrestled him to the ground behind 2nd base. Why did someone have to go a ruin the moment? Not only for Barry, but for the fans too? I hope that guy gets a bigger fine than usual.

I was also disappointed to find out that it was a New Yorker wearing a Mets Jersey that got the 756 ball. ARG!

One other tidbit of information...

Mike Bacsik (the pitcher for the Nationals who pitched Barry's home run) is the son of the pitcher who gave Hank Aaron HIS 755 homer!

Oddly, Bacsik's dad, Mike Sr., pitched to Aaron when Hammerin' Hank had 755 home runs. "That is truly amazing," Mike Sr. told the Associated Press before Tuesday's game. "At the time, I just knew it was the great Hank Aaron. I wasn't thinking about the fact he had 755 home runs.


How cool that you were actually there!! It's something you'll remember forever.

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